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Step 1. Sign up for a free Algo Backtesting account (here).

Step 2. After creating your account, you will enter your personal Algo Backtesting Dashboard. (For additional help with setting up your account and use of your Dashboard, visit our videos tab.)

Step 3. From your Dashboard, you will be able to see actual examples of backtesting we have done. You can experiment with different configurations to see the best situations for trading this indicator, order your own Backtest, and view the Trade Optimizer.  

Step 4. After placing your new order, check your Dashboard for notifcation and status on your in-progress backtest report. Once it shows complete you are ready to find out how well your results have performed historically. You will also be able to take advantage of other tools offered such as the exclusion of a specific number of candles to delay entry/exit times, length of time in the trade to reach profit, and the best time of day to trade. If you do not have current settings for the indicator/algorithim that you want to have backtested, please contact the developer for the best recommended settings for the time period you are wanting to test.