Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have linked many popular algorithms under resources that you may have backtested with us.  We use several different indicators/algos in our trading room to make live trades. If you are new to using TradingView or have questions, come check out our trading room.

Your account will be activated within a few minutes. 

No, the choice is yours to make based on backtesting results and your trading style and objectives.

There are numerous reasons why it is a good idea to backtest an indicator or algorithm before trading it live. Here are a few of the most beneficial.


  • Calculate Win/Loss rates.
  • Know average, lowest and highest drawdown for predetermined take profit amounts.
  • Know average, lowest and highest time in trade for predetermined take profit.
  • Know the best times of day to trade.

Have a psychological edge knowing the odds are in your favor.

As long as the stock is available on TradingView we are able to backtest it for you.

It depends on your style of trading. If you are looking to day trade then a 5 minute and 15 minute time frame may be best, for longer swing trades, then 30 minutes to 1 hour would be best, for overall market directon then a day chart would probably work well. We are able to test any time frame you desire.

We accept all major credit cards.

The Trading Room is a zoom meeting where we trade futures, stocks, and crypto using backtested TradingView charts. 

We pull all candle data directly from TradingView. Our software then performs calculations you choose based on the data.  The retrieved data includes a percentage of Good Trades, as noted in the Backtesting sample charts under Trade Information.

Visit our Videos tab for a demonstration of how to use the Backtester.