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We offer comprehensive backtesting services for TradingView indicators and algorithms. Our site provides you with information that can aid in optimizing your trading strategies with any market such as forex, options, stocks, commodities, futures, bonds and cryptocurrencies.  

We also offer a trading room where you can follow traders as they use backtested TradingView indicators to make consistent daily profits in the markets.   In addition, we are always ready to help traders setup new indicators and help improve their technical edge. No matter your experience level we are here to help you succeed.  Check out our resources page under consulting for more information. 

The right tools.

Our tools will show the historically optimal time of day to trade, aid with setting profit target and stop loss settings, provide information to assist in finding the best sensitivity settings for the algo you use, historical profit based on profit targets you choose, and more!

Net profit or loss

Net dollar amount gained or lost.

Volatility measures

Maximum upside and downside.


Average gain and average loss, average bars held.

Time in trade

Entry/Exit based on profit target and ability to delay entry and exit.


Dollar value and point value of the symbol you are trading. Caculate min/max profit and loss.

Wins and Losses

Wins-to-losses percentage.
Identify detailed candle data about good and bad trades.

Time of Day
Find the optimal time of day your stategy performs the best or worst.

Candle Data

Open, Close, Low and High of trigger candle and take profit candles.

Why Backtest?

Backtesting will provide you with valuable statistical data allowing you to maximize your trading. When using a private indicator/algo for TradingView a signal appears on the chart telling you to buy/ sell or go long/ short. Most developers have reccomended settings for each time frame or an auto pilot feature that determines where the signal appears on the chart.  We pull all candle data available for a specified time frame and run thousands of calculations providing you with valuable information using our Trade Optimizer feature.  Our backtesting service will provide you with information to help you maximize your profit as well as the ability to see the accuracy of the signals the indicator is providing. Backtesting also provides a “what if scenario” I had traded a particular stock for the past 3 years when the indicator told me to buy or sell. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our team has extensive experience in working to optimize TradingView indicators. We have developed many proprietary tools that will help you achieve maximum profit potential. We use a quantitative approach that uses mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities. 

Our tools will show the historically optimal time of day to trade, aid with setting profit targets and stop loss settings, finding the best sensitivity settings for the algorithms you are using, and historical profit based on profit targets you choose. Traders that have used our backtesting service typically see improved results in their trading confidence by knowing what the past success of previous trades are. 

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We offer a free test drive of all of our services.  Some of our free test data includes popular tickers such as AAPL, TSLA, SPY, QQQ and more.  You may run unlimited reports to optimize your trading including but not limited to profit targets, stop loss, best time of the day to trade, maximum profit potential and much more. We also offer a 7 day free trial of our Trade Room where experienced traders make live trades using various back tested indicators. They trade with several of the most popular indicators for TradingView.  Come join us in our next zoom meeting  starting around 9:00am M-F.  We also offer some evening trading sessions each week.